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Best Reseller Providers


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DataRealm with merchant service

Datarealm was founded in 1995 and one of the first web hosting companies in world. Position is maintained by company as a trusted industry leader by investing continuously in cutting-edge web technologies and extraordinary customer service commitment. Company’s current web hosting products involve dedicated servers, advanced secure cloud hosting platform, virtual private servers and shared hosting.

Company has announced new preferred partnership with merchant service provider The Redwoods Company. Datarealm’s advanced manged hosting services and The Redwoods Company’s expansive portfolio of eCommerce merchant services together bring by partnership. eCommerce end-to-end solution is created providing everything to merchant requires to manage and build their online retail presence.

Datarealm provides secure, fast and reliable web hosting to eCommerce retailers as it is a client-oriented hosting provider. Data center of company located in Phoenix, Arizona, infrastructure of Datarealm has best advantage in enterprise-class server technology and network connectivity. Company provides stability and performance according to demand of eCommerce retailers.

Extended range of eCommerce merchant services with both state of art PCI complaint Internet retail solutions and Point of Sale solutions are offered by Redwoods. Datarealm will be preferred hosting provider with new partnership for eCommerce services for Redwoods.

Company is very much pleased by its new partnership with Redwoods. Because this company is expertise in merchant services and Datarealm platform id perfect match according to their capabilities. The Redwood’s Company and Datarealm both have importance in building close and productive relationships with their clients. Therefore, Datarealm is delighted to give preference for retail service provider to The Redwoods company.

On hosting successful eCommerce ventures rely that includes merchant services, excels and software providing user experience and secure transactions. Collaboration is closed between service provider, merchant and hosting provider. Success of clients is more important for company. So, partnership of Datarealm and The Redwoods Company creates harmonious mixture of best services and technology which are available to merchants.

Future Hosting Review

Future Hosting is now offering its performance-managed Hybrid Server hosting plans of Pure SSD storage. All hosting facilities of company’s US and international are applied some upgrades. At price of virtual server, performance of dedicated server provided by Hybrid Servers. Same virtualization technology of Virtual Private Servers is used by Hybrid Servers, providing considerable performance hike as depend on most reliable enterprise hardware. Some virtual servers running on every physical server by more guaranteed resources.

Company hybrid servers were made to provide best performance, optimum flexibility and greatest scalability at minimal price than equal to dedicated servers. No-compromise server hosting platform is created by shifting all Hybrid Servers to Pure SSD storage. Best and fastest technology is used to built.

Hybrid server is also known as Internet hosting and a aggregation of a physically-hosted server by virtualization technology. This server is new type of dedicated server providing both cloud computing flexibility and classic dedicated server. User is allocated 100% hardware on hybrid dedicated servers. For dedicated servers price is lower.

Multi-level cell flash memory used by Pure Storage has more capacity of single-level cell memory for same price. Data deduplication is a data compression software used by Pure Storage for marketing of FlashArray in compete with disk arrays of traditional rotating.

Pure Storage uses multi-level cell flash memory which has higher capacity for the same price of single-level cell memory. Using software such as data compression known as data de-duplication, Pure Storage markets the FlashArray to compete with traditional rotating disk arrays. The company estimated FlashArray requires about 20% of the power and space required for traditional arrays. Pure Storage flash memory is packaged in shelves of solid state memory devices (SSDs), from two known suppliers, sTec, Inc. and Samsung

Storage of SSD which is pure increase responsiveness and performance in relation to SSD- accelerated and storage of hard drive. On SSD data is cached by acceleration and for more storage traditional drive is used. Lightening-fast solid state technology for all data is used by pure SSD systems makes feasible for applications of I/O.
Hybrid server line of Future Hosting covers many tiers has features range from HYB 1 with 8 GB of RAM, 10,000 GB of bandwidth and 120 GB of Pure SSD storage to HYB 3 with 12 GB of RAM, 15,000 GB of bandwidth and pure SSD storage of 200 GB.

Performance of Future Hosting modified Hybrid Servers which are available from places across US include Florida, Miami, California, Santa Clara and Michigan, Southfield with additional facilities in Australia, London, Brisbane and UK.

Small Businesses Can Be a Big Deal

Small Businesses Can Be a Big Deal for Resellers in the Cloud Space

Small Businesses are private corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships. The term “Small Business” defines by different organizations in the context of no. of employees but generally it is mentioned, businesses ranging from  less than 10 employees to thousand employees are mainly categorised as small to mid- sized companies otherwise they are termed as SMBs. According to the other methods, Small businesses can also be categorised as assets, sales, liabilities, purchases, net profit and others. These companies range from a very small store to e-commerce businesses.

 In 2006, more than 18,000 small businesses possessing more than 500 employees constitute half of the total employees engaged in all the small businesses. SMBs want to lead themselves so they are focusing on the ways of cutting the costs and expansion of their capabilities. There are various ways and among this, one way is that they are moving their important functions to the cloud. Recently a study was conducted which predicted and showed the value $32 billion of the U.S. SMB Market in 2016 which is almost 20% growth rate occurred on year to year basis and also showed increase of 25% in the adoption of the total global cloud services.

Use of Web hosting is becoming very popular among the large size businesses and so are small businesses. The small size companies are also having their websites in order to improve their competitive position and to host them; they are also using the hosting services of various web hosting companies.

Usage of the cloud services and products of the infrastructure by SMBs is expected to become almost double for the next few years and the reason behind this that these SMBs become more user friendly with the concept of cloud and do not face in using the same. Now SMBs are looking for the cloud service companies as now they are moving several applications of business to the cloud. SMBs are the small size companies thus they operate more efficiently and focus on their main business, outsource functions of technology and in this context they prefer the established organizations.

Resellers are having a great opportunity; they can open the new stream of revenue and expand their relationship with the existing customers. VARs, MSPs, SIs wants to expand their portfolio to use the cloud services and for the same they are required to increase their revenue and improve their relationships with SMBs. Demand is rising very fast within the SMB market for the different kinds of cloud services;

  • (IAAS) Infrastructure as a service- From the study, it is known that safety, IaaS server backup and services related to database is used by 40% of the SMBs. Those are in the need of a robust database find the web hosting solutions which are flexible via a reasonable and convenient way so as to store the large amount of data in offsite without considering the issue of maintenance of server. In the SMBs market, there are some rapidly growing sectors such as Security services, anti- malware, anti-spyware, anti- virus and e-mail safety solutions.
  • (SAAS) Software as a service Apps- Social media platform used by no. of SMBs as a tool of marketing and access productivity apps such as Dropbox on the regular basis. SMB’s feel more comfortable with the cloud services, they started to embrace platforms of CRM such as Salesforce.com and other solutions related to business intelligence. These tools are accessed via laptops and desktops in the office and also on the mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Cloud services are used by SMBs for increasing the capabilities of the communication and for consolidating the infrastructure for more efficiency and integration on one platform. E-mail and hosted private branch exchange (PBX) phone services are included in the applications but Unified Communications-as-a-Service solutions attract the market towards themselves. It delivers audio / video conferencing, telephone, messaging, presence technology, and email more over an IP network.

Reasons for small businesses to go online

When Charles Darwin gave the world the theory of ” survival of the fittest” he probably was not aware that it would hold true for a very very long time in this ever so changing world and today in the era where internet has become a necessity of life and using digital media a way of life, the theory still fits!

If you need your business (even a small one) to survive and flourish in these times of cut throat competition, you need to go online and get a website for it. That will put you on the rack of “fittest”. Having a website will push your profit margins and the potential of your business to extents you surely do want to achieve.

refer to any sorts of statistics and you will realize that more and more people are turning towards the internet to research and to  shop,  for anything at all. You have to agree, it is convenient to sit in the comforts of your home and choose what you need from an umpteen number of products available. Just pay and it will be at your door step! How is anybody suppose to resist that? That is the wonder of online world and if you have a website for your business, you are sure to reap benefits of this wonder, some of which are:

(1) Let the World know you are there!

Even if your business is a local one, you can reach a potential customer sitting right across the globe or in the city itself. He can learn a lot about your business from you website like:

  • What do you sell
  • what are your specialties
  • where are you located
  • who else uses your product and approves of it
  • why to chose you
  • How to reach you for further enquiries or your email

That sets the pace! If the person on that side of the monitor likes what he reads about, he is sure to enquire and can be converted in to a potential customer. Just like that he reach of your business goes beyond geographical boundaries and the world knows about your business!

(2) It strengthens your marketing tools arsenal!

If you are running a business you definitely have been advertising in some form be print media or TV or radio. You are aware of the costs involved and the efficiency of these tools. How about an advertisement that runs 24X7 and tells everything about your business in a such a cool fashion that it surely impresses the customers’ mind. It has audio clips & videos that express the sentiment of your products and deliver a feel of your business. That is what a website does precisely for you. It is your websites ad and literature which can be modified any time and speaks volumes. And for free!

(3) Educate and impress your customers!

Today, the customer is smart and wants to make informed decisions about where to put in his money. Also everybody wants to deal with a pro who knows what he is doing. By having your own website, you can tell the curious customer all about your product and everything related to it in a very well designed manner and help them with their research. In this way, you clearly convey that you know exactly what you are doing and you are good at it! The first impression is crucial and with a professionally designed website, you can never go wrong on that front.

(4) Develop Customer’s trust in your brand!

It is always easier to trust a product if you have a background or a name related to it. You can further strengthen your customers’ trust in your product by having a website about it which gives data, names, geographical locations and probably pictures of real people who run the business. It not only enhances the authenticity and credibility of your business but also attracts new ones and helps you to build your brand.

(5) Use the power of Referrals!

A referral simply means that if someone likes your product and is ready to suggest it to others with a positive feedback then he can do so by sharing the link of your website on a social media platform or on their own website. This is a very powerful method of sending the good word around about your business. An increased number of referrals will indicate increased popularity for your business.

No doubt, going online will be a brilliant idea for scripting the success story of your business.

Marketing your small business website online

Now that you have created a website, you need to market it in the right way to maximize its popularity and to benefit from it. Here are some tips for doing the same:

  • Always try and get your website listed in the local online directories. Also, if you belong to any trade organization, get yourself listed on their website too.
  • Tap the potential of social media. Create your pages on websites like facebook, twitter, Google+ and so on.
  • The content of your website is what will draw customers to it and will make them come back. It has to be very impressive and informative. Also this will help you to get noticed by search engines. Keep it simple and relevant and keep updating it.
  • You can even consider having your own online newsletter.
  • The design of the website should be appealing, what looks good will sell good!

With all this you will be able to squeeze out maximum benefits from your website.

Cost Effective marketing

You might be on a shoe string budget for your website marketing. No worries. Here are some tips for online marketing without burning a huge hole in your pocket:

  • Put something catchy on your website. It could be a line, a video , a post; anything that will catch the attention of the targeted customers and they will feel like sharing it with others. This will automatically mean, your web address is being shared!
  • You can offer deals and discount coupons on your website. This is sure to attract attention.
  • There are a plenty of free marketing tools available which can help with content management. Use them to plan and create a good website.
  • Write quality blog posts to make people aware of your business, achievements, awards, new schemes, any event anything at all related to your business.


By now it is clear that having a website is an essential part of the growth of a small business. So go ahead and go online. Experience the Midas touch of world wide web and reap benefits!